My Settings

Tailoring many aspects of Workzone to suit an individual's preferences is made easy through the My Settings page. To access this personalized hub, simply navigate to the user menu, identifiable by initials or a profile picture in the top right corner, and select My Settings from the dropdown.

On the resulting page, there are several choices on the left sidebar:


The initial page displayed, Notifications delves into the realm of Notifications Inbox settings, the fine-tuning of automated report emails, and more. It's possible to specify not only the types of automated reports sent out, but also the frequency of the desired notifications. By tailoring these settings, Workzone can maximize the benefit of the emails that land in the inbox.

To learn more about these personal notification settings, check out this page.

Change password

Use this page to change the login password for accessing Workzone. Regularly changing the password enhances security by reducing the risk of unauthorized access and helps safeguard any potentially sensitive data a team keeps in Workzone, ensuring a proactive defense against potential cyber threats.

For details on changing the log in password using these settings, check out this page.

Multi-Factor Authentication

If enabled, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra security layer to Workzone's log in process. This extra step ensures that only a verified user can log in. Once enabled, logging in requires providing both a password and a secondary login code from an authentication app or secondary email address to access Workzone.

Configuring MFA is described on this page.

Fields to display

Take command of the information displayed in the Projects module by choosing to display only the columns of data most relevant to daily usage. This degree of personalization assists in having Workzone harmonize with individualized working needs.

Learn more about changing personal settings for fields to display on this page.

Reports to display

Similar to the Fields to display settings describe above, exercise control over the Reports module by selecting which reports are visible, allowing for enabling or disabling entire report groups effortlessly. This level of customization ensures that the interface aligns seamlessly with unique work requirements.

Details about how to use these settings are described on this page.

Subscribe to To-Do List

There is an option to display the To-Do List on an external calendar (such as Outlook or Google) by configuring a calendar subscription to Workzone within an external calendar software. A calendar subscription can streamline viewing a user's assignments schedule, improve efficiency, and enhance organization, enabling the viewing of both a personal calendar and items from the To-Do List in a consolidated calendar view.

Additional information on configuring a calendar to subscribe to Workzone can be found on this page.

Welcome page

Set the stage for how Workzone is experienced by designating a welcome page through My Settings. This thoughtful feature ensures that, upon logging in, a user is directed to a page that matters most. For instance, selecting the To-Do List as the welcome page provides a visual cue for priorities, keeping tasks at the forefront of attention.

Discover how to set a welcome page with the details from this page.

User Picture

As a finishing touch, personalize a profile by uploading a user picture. This image will not only replace the default initials, but also adds a personal touch to communications and provides representation.

Learn how to customize the user's picture on this page.

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