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Workzone provides personalized settings to control the frequency of emailed reports, email notifications from comments on all items to which you’re subscribed (documents, projects, tasks, requests, and messages) as well as attachments on projects and tasks to which you're subscribed, and new assignments you’re responsible for (customizable by each user).

These settings can be found in Workzone by clicking your profile/initials in the top right, selecting My Settings, and then Notifications on the left side.

Automatic Email Notification Settings

For projects that have you assigned as responsible, you can receive notification of any comments on that project's tasks by checking the  Notify me of comments on tasks in projects where I'm responsible checkbox. This can benefit those that want greater awareness of the discussion occurring within their projects.
When the checkbox labeled Automatically email comments to me for my subscribed items. is checked, Workzone will automatically notify you via email of new comments on items in Workzone (documents, projects, tasks, requests, posts) for which you are subscribed, as well as attachments on projects and tasks to which you're subscribed. Creators, responsible parties and item-specific previous commenters are automatically subscribed to receive new comments via email.

When commenting on an item, there is an option to notify additional users, who will then be subscribed for future comments. Individuals can manually opt-in/opt-out for a specific item on the details page for that item.
Uncheck the box to stop receiving emails for all comments connected to your subscribed items.

NOTE: When first subscribed to a new item you will still receive an initial email notification, despite whether the above-mentioned box has been unchecked or not.

If supported by your web browser, you can also enable desktop notifications from Workzone by checking the Show desktop notifications when new inbox items are added. checkbox.

Automated Reports

In the table is a listing all of the reports Workzone is capable of automatically emailing, alongside of their delivery frequency. Clicking the dropdown list under the frequency column for the respective row, reports can be customized for scheduled deliver as follows:
  • To-Do List – Never, All weekdays, Weekly, Monthly
  • Project To-Do List – Never, All weekdays, Weekly
  • Status by Project – Never, All weekdays, Weekly, Monthly
  • Recent Activity – Never, All weekdays, Weekly
  • Active Projects 100% Complete – Never, All weekdays, Weekly, Monthly
  • Recent Comments – Never, All weekdays, Weekly, Monthly
  • Completed Tasks without Time Entries – Never, All weekdays, Weekly, Monthly
  • My Recent Assignments (if new items) – Never, All weekdays

Notifications Inbox Items Display

For the Notifications Inbox badge (found on the bell icon in the top right), you can choose to show a solid circle, number of new items, or turn the badge off completely. Choose the appropriate option if you find the current setting unwanted.
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