Using a Board

On a Board, Cards represent tasks or activities, and can contain a variety of details. Move Cards across Lists (using drag and drop) to show their status, represent progress, and accomplish what needs to be done.

Adding a Card

Adding a Card is accomplished by clicking the Add Card button in a particular List and entering the name of the Card (adding multiple cards at once is covered in the next section). While not required, you can enter additional details during Card creation by clicking the pencil icon and entering the additional information in the overlay that appears:

When you click on a Card, several Item Details are available to view/edit, as in this example:

  • Description - Write out the important details
  • Attachments - If the Card pertains to content elsewhere in Workzone like requests and projects, you can link to those items (linked boards or cards will appear in the details tray of a project or request like this), or upload/link to a document by clicking the plus icon and selecting the relevant option. You can also drag and drop files onto a card so the documents you need are there when you need them
  • Checklist - Break down big actions into smaller pieces, check things off as you go
  • Click the pencil icon in the Details box to edit the following (if enabled):
    • Due Date - Easily set a card's deadline, which will display on reports like the To-Do List
    • Priority - High, Normal, and Low, useful for distinguishing and filtering certain cards
    • List - Shift the Card over to a different List. Also the date the card was placed in the list is displayed, colored based on the age of the card in the list (0-1 days shows gray, 2-7 days shows yellow, and over 7 days shows red).
    • Swimlane - Relocate the Card under another Swimlane
  • Labels (click the pencil icon to add or edit) - Name/color designations provided to help distinguish different Cards
  • Assignees (plus/pencil icon to add/edit) - Designate responsibility and avoid wondering who's doing what by adding Users their cards
Cards also contain tabs for Comments and Activity Log.

Adding Multiple Cards at Once

Multiple cards can be added to a list simultaneously by click the three vertical dots at the top of a particular List and selecting the Add Multiple Cards link from the dropdown, as shown here:

An overlay will appear to add the name of each new card to be created in the List. Add one card name per row (separating each by pressing the return key) and, for those with Swimlanes, select the swimlane (highlighted below), then click the Create Cards button in the bottom right, as shown:

After the new cards have been created, you can add additional details (as described at the bottom of the Adding a Card section above) to each card using the pencil icon that appears when hovering over the card name.

Copying a Card

To make a duplicate of an existing card, you can click the copy icon (two stacked squares) that shows in the top right when the cursor is on the specific card.

All of the contents of the card (attachments, descriptions, etc.) are copied. Any checklist items contained in the original card will be reset to incomplete. The newly copied version of the card appears at the top of the same List with the text " copy" added to the name. (Clicking the name will allow for renaming as needed).

Filtering Cards

In the top right (in line with the Board name on the left), clicking the funnel icon presents different filtering options for the  Cards contained in Lists:

Additionally, you can click on the profile picture or initials found in the "Team" area at the top to filter for a particular user's assigned Cards. Applied filters will display at the top and can be cleared using the "X" icon to the right. You can also clear all filters using the option found in the bottom right corner of the overlay depicted above.

Card Aging

For reporting on the age of cards, check out the Card Aging Summary report.

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