Viewing and Setting Up Boards

Boards Overview Page

At a high level, the Boards Overview page allows for the creation of new Boards and managing existing Boards. Search for boards here, and change the sorting order of the Board rows.

If you are already viewing one particular Board instead of the Boards Overview page, you can switch to another existing Board or go to the Boards Overview page by clicking the top left dropdown button next to the current Board's name.

  1. Switch between displaying Active Boards or Archived Boards.
  2. Search for a particular board by name.
  3. Click to create a new Board (you'll be able to add Lists later), you can enter the name of the Board, select the workspace for that Board (if you're already in a single workspace you won't seen the Workspace selection), and select a color for the Lists on that Board.
  4. Sort the Boards list by clicking on the column headers.
  5. Copy a link to a particular Board, duplicate the layout of a board, or archive it.
  6. You can view different pages of the Boards list and control how many Board rows display on a page

Setting Up A Board

After creating a new Board or selecting a Board row on the Boards Overview page, the Lists will show for that Board (new Boards without a list will show this). Lists typically represent different stages of a Card. Start with Lists as simple as "To Do", "Doing", or "Done", or set up more customized Lists to match your team’s style.

Create a List using the "Add List" button (highlighted above), where you can enter a name for the List and check the box if that List is an Endpoint, then click the "Add List" button.

NOTE: An Endpoint List is the final stage in a Board's workflow (such as "Done" in the example described above). An Endpoint List excludes its items from analyses of late or stagnant items.

The following options can be found for existing Lists by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right of a List:

  • Edit List - Change the name of a List and it's Endpoint designation (as described during List creation above)
  • Move Left - Shifts the List column one space to the left
  • Move Right - Shifts the List column one space to the right
  • List Subscriptions - Displays an overlay where specific users can be designated as subscribers to receive notifications in their Notifications Inbox when cards are added to or moved into the designated List
  • Add Multiple Cards - Displays an overlay for adding multiple cards simultaneous to the designated List by entering card names separated line by line, using the return key (once created, cards can have additional details be added)
  • Delete List - Permanently removes the List and it's contents

In the top right (in line with the Board name on the left), the three vertical dots provide some advanced options for manipulating a Board's contents:

  • Edit Board - Here (shown below), you can edit the Name, Workspace, Color (for Lists), Options for Cards (Start Date, Due Date, Priority, and Days in current list), Card Sort options (Manual, Alphabetical, or Due Date) and, for Enterprise teams, Swimlanes.
  • Board Info - Workspace, Status, Created (date), and Created By (User) show in the details tray
  • Attachments - Uploaded files and other linked items show in the details tray
  • Activity Log - Actions taken on a board (such as moving or adding Cards) show in the details tray
  • Edit Labels - Labels can be useful name/color designations provided to particular Cards to help distinguish them. Here, new labels can be added and existing labels can be renamed (or have their color changed).
  • NOTE: Labels created or edited for a board are unique to that board, though Administrators can establish default labels for every newly created board in Workzone's settings (gear icon), as seen here

  • Copy Link - This puts places a web address (URL) to the specific board in your device's clipboard to paste and use elsewhere to share a particular board (such as in an email)
  • Duplicate - Creates a copy of the layout of the current Board
  • List Subscriptions - This displays an overlay where specific users can be designated as subscribers to receive notifications in their Notifications Inbox when cards are added to the Board or cards are moved into a different List
  • NOTE: List Subscriptions provides a shortcut for subscribing a user to all Lists of a Board at that moment in time. Removals or further additions are maintained on individual Lists via their menus, though new subscribers can be added with this same option again for all Lists at once.

  • Archive - This sets a board aside from being viewed in the typical, Active view of the Boards Overview page
  • Delete - Removes the Board and its contents

NOTE: For teams that have it included in their Workzone license, you can also divide Lists in a Board layout into Swimlanes.

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