NOTE: Swimlanes are an Enterprise level feature of Workzone. For more details on upgrading your team's Workzone license to Enterprise, please contact us at help@workzone.com or call 610-275-9861.

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Swimlanes are vertical sections or categories for a Board (and its Lists). Items assigned to a Swimlane show in a distinct area for that swimlane on a Board so that related items can be grouped together.

Cards not assigned to a Swimlane show in a general area at the top of each List.
You can expand and collapse a Swimlane's contents by clicking the triangle to the left of the Swimlane name.

To create or edit the Swimlanes for a Board, click the three vertical dots in the top left when viewing that board, then click the "Edit Board" option.

In the overlay that appears you can:

  1. Create a new Swimlane by entering a name and clicking the plus symbol
  2. Drag and drop to change the order
  3. Click to change the name of a Swimlane
  4. Click to delete a Swimlane
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