Custom Project Request Forms

NOTE: Custom Project Request Forms and some other features described in this article are optional add-ons to Workzone. For details on adding these features if you don't have them already, please email

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To gain a fuller understanding of the needs for a particular project, you can establish customized forms with specific questions and information.

Forms created under the settings (gear icon) when viewing All Workspaces will show up in all workspaces (replacing the default generic form that displays otherwise), or they can be designated for a particular workspace only.

Create/Edit a Form

Custom request forms can be established by an Administrator in the Custom forms section of the REQUESTS area in settings (accessed by clicking the gear icon in the top right). Click the Add Custom Form button to create a new custom project request form. If your organization has Public Request Forms enabled, choose the appropriate Access Type. If Workzone is set to do so, check the box for any users you want to be recipients (receiving a notification when a request is submitted with that form). Click the Create button. The Form Settings described in the next section can then be established. 
On the Custom Forms list, click the name of an existing form to show its details. When you edit an active form, it will automatically be made inactive (hidden from users), and you will need to enable it to make it visible to users.

WARNING: Any users currently filling out an existing form when you begin editing it will lose their work.

When you first create a form or make any edits to an existing form, it is inactive and not available to users when they request a new project. When you are finished and ready for the form to be active for requesters, you can click the  FORM INACTIVE switch in the top right, or click enable in the STATUS column for that form on the Custom Forms settings page. Also, a form can be hidden from requesters by clicking the disable link on the Custom Forms list or the aforementioned switch (which would show as FORM ACTIVE).

Deleting an existing form occurs on the Custom Forms list by clicking the delete link on that form's row. A form is not able to be deleted if any submitted requests remain that use that form.

Editing or creating a form will show the FORM BUILDER view, as seen here:

Form Settings

Click the pencil icon at the top when editing a form to show the Form Settings on the left, if necessary. Here, you can change the Form Name and add  Instructions (additional details) in the box with an editor toolbar (providing text formatting, linking, etc.)

Instructions formatting options can be advanced, and for additional assistance, please contact us at Below the instructions, you can change the access type, if your organization has Public Request Forms.

In the box labeled Minimum lead time, working days (optional) enter a number, which, when specified, will ensure the requested deadline (typically phrased as "When do you need this?") cannot fall within the set number of working days.

Form Questions

Click the + Add Question button in at the bottom of a particular section to add a new custom question to that section of the form.

On the left, choose the Input Type, selecting from the following:

  • Text - Provides a single line of any general text.
  • Textarea - Provides multiple lines of any general text.
  • Date - For this, a date picker displays where a requester can select a given date, displaying one month at a time. Entry is required in mm/dd/yyyy format (and can also be typed in).
  • Checkbox - With this option, one or more labeled boxes can be specified for the requester to select (check).
  • Radio Button - From the several options that can be specified, the requester can only select one option. Presenting each option on the form together with a circular selection button next to each.
  • Dropdown - A listing of several options can be specified, with the requester being presented with the list (when clicked) and selecting only one option in that list.

Once the input type is chosen, the Question Settings appear on the left, and you can enter the Title of the question as it will appear to the user, along with an Instructions box for additional details with an editor toolbar (that provides text formatting, linking, etc.).

Input type can be altered (from the options listed above). For Checkbox, Radio Button, and Dropdown, you can only change one for another. Text can also be switched to Textarea, and vice versa.
Required can be checked if the requester should have to enter a value for this field before the request is submitted.
Options are entered for the Checkbox, Radio Button, and Dropdown input types. You can reorder the items by clicking and dragging the double arrows, add an option by clicking the plus icon (+) next to each row, and delete an option by clicking the trash can icon on that item's line.

To preview the form, click the  Preview request form link in the top right.

Editing Existing Questions

Questions can be dragged and dropped to reorder them on the form, even between sections.