Email Notifications For Requests

Workzone can provide notifications to those involved in both submitting and receiving requests, keeping everyone up-to-date.

Request Recipients

With Workzone's Requests feature enabled, Administrators can select which associate users should be notified automatically when a new project request is submitted. These recipients will only get new request notifications for workspaces for which they have access, and the notifications can be customized by workspace or by custom form type, automatically routing the information to the right people.

The recipients list can be updated at any time under the settings (gear icon) in the top right for All Workspaces. On the left menu, under the Requests, click Request recipients.

The three choices are:
  • Send all project requests to the same people (with a dropdown list for specifying labeled Show recipients that appears below)
  • Specify recipients by workspace (these settings are then identified with the same page in a specific workspace)
  • Specify recipients by project request form (this is accomplished in the Recipients column on the Custom Forms list)

NOTE: The third option only appears if your site has custom requests forms, which is an optional add-on to Workzone. For more information on adding this to your Workzone site, please contact us.

Requester Notifications

Workzone will automatically deliver email notifications when a requester's submitted request has a status change, as well when a request is first submitted. This "request confirmation" notification for newly submitted requests confirms that the request has been successfully submitted, and can contain customized text that will appear at the top of the email.

To customize the text, an Administrator can go to the settings (gear icon) in the top right for All Workspaces. On the page named Other settings under the Requests section on the left, there is a box named Text for confirmation email.

Text entered there will be displayed at the top of the request confirmation email in italics.

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