Public Request Forms

Public request forms give you and your team a way to interact with anyone, regardless if they’re a user of Workzone, by providing them a place to request work from you.

Public requests forms are not a standard feature of Workzone, but can be added for an additional cost. (For pricing and more details email or call 610-275-9861)

NOTE: The contents of this article reference existing Custom Project Request forms. See Custom Project Request Forms for details.

Enable an Existing Form for Public Access

From the Custom forms list (in the REQUESTS section under the settings/gear icon for all workspaces), click the Users link in the Access Type column for the form and then select “Both (Workzone users and public)” to allow outsiders to access the form, in addition to Workzone users.

If the custom form is already set to a specific workspace, public requests using that form will be delivered to that workspace. If the form is available to Workzone users in all workspaces, you will need to select a workspace where submitted public requests will reside.

Create a New Form for Public Access

From the Custom Forms list, click the Add Custom Form button near the top. Give the form a name, select the access type, and then select the workspace where submitted public requests will reside. Click the Create button. You can now edit the form and its questions, just as you would for a form used by Workzone users. (Refer to Custom Project Request Forms)

You can also copy an existing form by checking the box next to the form name on the Custom Forms list and then clicking the Copy button at the top of the page. This allows you to create a version for public access that is different from the one used by Workzone users.

Settings Confirmation and Document Uploads

The following two sections relate to the page found in settings for all workspaces, under the REQUESTS area labeled Public-access forms.

Confirmation Page Text

When a public requester completes a form, he/she will go to a confirmation page. You can edit/update the default text for this page in the box labeled Text for confirmation page after public form is submitted on the Public-access forms settings page. Click the Save button when you are finished.

NOTE: This confirmation is an ideal place to provide information about what will happen next, contact information if they have questions, etc. The information in the box will also be included in the email that is sent to the requester with the content of their request.

Document Uploads by Public-Access Users

Uploading images and other files associated with a project request can be extremely useful. This capability can be provided at the bottom of every project request form that is accessible to authorized Workzone users.

By default, document uploads are disabled on public forms. They can, however, be enabled by clicking the specified checkbox on the Public-Access Forms page of settings.

Accessing Public Request Forms

Once an active, public, form is made available, anyone can fill out the form by accessing the URL for all public forms, “{your organization name}”, or you can also provide a link to an individual form that is publicly-available, which is found by clicking URL under the Public Link column in the forms list.

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