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You have the option to refine your search by clicking on the Advanced Search located above the search box at the top of the page.

By default, Search looks for results that have all of the words you have entered into the search box. This will find results that have each of the words you have entered, in any order, anywhere in the content, not necessarily in the exact order you have entered them. For example, a search for “direct mail insert” will show results that include “direct mail insert”, as well as results that contain “insert for direct mail” and “insert the mail in the direct…”.

To narrow your search to find exactly what you type in the search box, in the CONTAINS row, select exact phrase next to the Search button. In the above example, this will only find matches that have “direct mail insert” in this exact order.

To broaden your search to include any (but not necessarily all) of the words in the search box, select any of the words. In the above example, this will find items that have any of “direct” or “mail” or “insert”, but not necessarily all of these words.

You can also use Advanced Search to further narrow your search by:

INFORMATION: Choose the content areas you would like to search, from among Documents, Comments, Calendar Tasks and Messages. By default, all content areas are selected.

DATE CREATED: Specify your desired time period. Select the first circle to use a drop-down menu with predefined time periods (default selection is Anytime, use the arrow key to select from 3 months, 6 months, or past year). Select the second circle to specify the exact date range you wish to search.

USER: A drop-down list will appear that allows you to narrow your search from among the users with access to the selected workspaces.

FILE TYPE: A drop-down list will appear that allows you to choose from frequently used file types.

FILE SIZE: A drop-down list will appear that allows you to choose a file size range.

Once you have made your selections, click Search at the bottom of the window to execute your search with the parameters you have specified.

Search is available to all associate and Reviewers, and limits results to the content (workspaces, folders and documents) that an individual user has permission to access. It is not available to Partner users.

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