Project State

The Projects module, as well as most reports, shows only projects that are active by default. Changing the project state allows you to move a project out of the active projects view without having to delete it. A project can be marked as as completed, which acts as a final destination to file a finished project away, inactive, which will hide it until you are ready to reactivate it. There's also a cancelled state that can be used to preserve a project that wasn't completed.

A project’s state can be quickly changed on the main view of the Projects area. Begin by checking the box to the left of name of the project. At the top of the page, click the Update Project State button and, from the dropdown, choose the desired state.

To locate a Completed, Inactive, or Cancelled project on the Task List, click the Filters button at the top. In the Project State section, choose the desired state. Click the Apply Filters button. With the relevant projects now displaying, follow the same steps above to change the state of one or more of the displayed projects.

Aside from viewing projects of different states in the Projects area, a variety of reports also offer filtering by state, such as the Project List report. This report can be particularly useful for viewing project-level data on projects of any (or all) states. When viewing the Project List, the top of the filters panel offers the ability to filter for any individual project state, as well as the option to select "All" to see projects of all states in one view. To learn more about the Project List, visit our Project List article.

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