Logging in to Workzone

To log in to your Workzone site click here or got to the address login.sharedwork.com in your web browser. You may be logged in automatically, or you’ll be prompted to enter your email address and click the Continue button, which will send a message containing the specific address of your Workzone site.

The address for your Workzone site is should look like:


Substitute your company/organization name where it says “ organizationname” in the URL. With most browsers, you don’t need to type the "https://".

Please contact us if you are unable to determine the exact URL for your company.

The log in page is the same for Associate users and Collaborators. Users will be taken to their appropriate opening screens automatically based on their ID and assigned status.

After you enter your user name and password, click the Log in button (Unless your organization uses Single Sign On, in which case this option can vary depending on what your organization has established). To have the page remember your email address, mark the Remember me checkbox. In addition, your browser may offer to remember your password. If you want to allow that, this will make re-entry much simpler on that specific computer & browser. It can also be helpful to bookmark the login page for future use.

WARNING: Failing to use the correct password multiple times will cause your user account to become temporarily locked, preventing any additional attempts to log in. When this happens, Workzone will send an email prompting you to reset your password; doing so will immediately unlock your account.

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