Creating A Project From A Submitted Request

Workzone can link a new project to a request and its details, making it possible to reference one from the other.

To create a new project connected to the details from a request submission, first click the name of the request from the main Requests module. This will make the details of that request appear on the right, as seen in this example:

At the top of the tray that appears on the right is a link named Create linked project.

Clicking this link will open the standard overlay for creating a project, with one difference. The submitted request's details are contained in a collapsible section named Request Details at the top of the overlay, as shown here:

From there, the standard methods for creating a project are followed, as described here. After successfully creating the project, the new project and the submitted request will be linked, with the Requests dashboard linking to the project by name from the LINKED PROJECTS column:

Clicking the link will show the project in the Projects module. Also, in Projects, the name of the project can be selected and the request details will appear in the Requests tab of the details tray on the right:

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