Add A Project

Unless starting in the Requests module, from the main Projects area, click the Add Project button at the top left.

If in the All Workspaces view, select the workspace where this project should be stored. Add a name for the new project (this is the only default required field for a project). If you are creating a linked project from a request, you can click the Request Details link to expand and show the information gathered in the original request.

Based on your organization's Workzone settings, there may be a variety of other fields - either optional or required - that will appear on the Add Project page. Required fields will display an asterisk next to the field name. The data in non-required fields can be entered or updated once the project is created as well, with the exception of the "Send email notification to project responsible" checkbox, which delivers a notification to the user(s) set as responsible the moment the project is initially created. An Administrator can customize which fields show on the Add Project page and which of these are required (detailed instructions).

Add tasks to project: there are a 5 different ways to add tasks to a project:

Choose your desired method, provide the indicated information, and then click the Save and Add Tasks button.

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