Create Multiple Users at the Same Time

To create multiple users at the same time:

  • Select All Workspaces from the workspace drop-down list in the top left.
  • Click the settings (gear icon) in the top right.
  • On the left menu, under USERS, click Add/edit users.
  • At the top of the main page, click the Add Multiple Users button.

There are two methods for creating multiple users at the same time:

  • Manual entry: enter each user's detail manually in the table. Click Add another user to add additional rows to the table, as needed. Each user must be assigned to at least one workspace (checking the box or boxes in the corresponding columns). Click Save when finished.
  • Excel spreadsheet: click the Download Spreadsheet button. Copy the indicated information from your source document into the appropriate columns of the spreadsheet. Save your changes. Click the Upload Spreadsheet button and select the spreadsheet you updated. You will now need to assign users to the appropriate workspaces (checking the box or boxes in the corresponding columns). Click Save when finished.
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