Points of Contact

When users are locked out of Workzone due to five failed login attempts, Workzone can send them an email informing them that they've been locked out and suggesting that they contact "an administrator". For these and other important notifications, Workzone allows Administrators to designate the recipient(s) of the email message with the specific people to contact at your organization.

The settings for this can be found on the  Points of contact page, under the GLOBAL SETTINGS section in the settings for All Workspaces. Any administrator can select up to two administrators to designate as recipient(s). The email message will inform locked out users of the name and email address of the point(s) of contact at your organization. Locked out users can then contact those specific people to re-enable their accounts.

When a user is locked out, in addition to notifying the user, Workzone also sends an email to your point(s) of contact to let them know that a user has been locked out. When no point of contact is specified, this email is sent to the last administrator who logged into Workzone. If a point of contact is specified as described above, these emails will be sent to them instead.

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