Enable Or Disable Comments And Approvals

By default, the document comments and approvals modules are enabled in Workzone. However, in certain situations, Workzone’s Documents is used exclusively as a means to organize and share the latest versions of files, without any need for commenting among users. For these situations, you can disable the Comments & Approvals function for Documents across your entire site or for a specific workspace.

This will also benefit organizations that have a need to share a common set of documents with external parties, where anonymity is important. By turning off comments, individuals from different companies (contractors, resellers, vendors, etc.) can all be given the “Reviewer” role within a single workspace, without being able to see each other.
Because of the interconnections between the Comments & Approvals features, you must disable or enable them in tandem. Click on the settings (gear icon) in the top right. On the left menu, under GLOBAL SETTINGS, click on the Features to display line. To disable document comments and approvals for the selected workspace, uncheck the box next to Comments & Approvals. To enable document comments and approvals, check the checkbox. You can also perform this action for a specific workspace (after making a workspace selection in the top left), and clicking settings, Features to display is located under SETTINGS - THIS WORKSPACE.
By default, the approvals Dashboard will not be visible to Reviewers from the left menu in the Documents area. To allow Reviewers to view the approvals dashboard, click the checkbox under the Reviewer column in the row for Approvals Dashboard.
Disabling the Comments & Approvals functions does not delete the content associated with these features, it merely hides it. If you enable them again later, previous entries will be restored.
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