The general dashboard report in Workzone provides reporting and visibility that can give insights into a variety of different activities across the platform.

The Dashboard is found in the Reports area under the GENERAL section on the left:

The dashboard can display any six of these distinctive reports:

  • Completed Projects by Workspace (bar graph)
  • Active Projects by Status
  • Active Tasks by Status
  • Active Project Status by Workspace
  • Completed Projects by Workspace (line graph)
  • Active Tasks Status by Workspace
  • Active Tasks Status by User
  • Completed Tasks by Responsible

You can change out which reports display by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. A checklist displays and you can check up to six, then click the Save Changes button.

Each report graph provides a variety of download and print options found in the three horizontal lines in the top right, as seen here:

Also, some of the graphs are interactive to allow for different end date ranges, or even hiding/showing different series of data by clicking the series label(s), as seen here:

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