My Recent Assignments

My Recent Assignments provides a direct way of displaying items that were recently assigned to you, allowing you to see these via a report page and daily email.

You can locate this report in the GENERAL section on the left in the main Reports module:

The report shows items where your user was assigned responsible in the specified last number of days (14 days by default). You can click the Filters button and change the number of days from a dropdown:

By default, sorting is done by the most recently assigned date (and time, although time isn't shown). If multiple items are assigned at the exact same time, then Start Date is used as a secondary means of sorting. Clicking on different columns headings will sort by that column instead.

For teams using Boards, columns can be enabled to show icons for the type of item, as shown here:

The name of the card's Board, or name of the List in which the card currently resides can also be displayed. The Optional columns to display overlay can be accessed by the three vertical lines icon (꠲) in the top right.

You can select to have this report emailed to you each weekday when there are new assignments to view by checking the Email daily if new items checkbox. Any items added from the previous day will then trigger an email.

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