My Checklist

The My Checklist page provides a user with a way to quickly create and manage work or personal items that aren't directly associated with a project or content anywhere else in Workzone. Items logged here cannot be seen by anyone else. It's easy to add items to this and reorganize (via drag/drop) without dates or priorities.

My Checklist can be found in the Reports module in the GENERAL section on the left or by clicking Go to list under the user profile/initials in the top right corner.

Adding an Item

To add an item to My Checklist, type the name of the item in the Add new item box and press the Return/Enter key or click the + button:

More details are available when adding an item by clicking the down arrow to the left of the Add new item box:

...which reveals additional information that can be included:

The optional details that can be added to a new item are:
  • Description
  • Due Date
  • Priority (1-10, 1 being the highest number)

Due Date and Priority can also be made to always show when adding a new item, as described in the Organizing and Viewing Options section below.

Items can also be added to the Checklist via the Quick add items option found under the My Checklist section of the User menu. This menu is always available, regardless of which page you're viewing in Workzone, so new items can be added to the Checklist without having to navigate to the report itself:

NOTE: If you would not like to see My Checklist in your Reports module or User menu, you can disable it in the Reports to Display settings.

Organizing and Viewing Options

Use the gear icon in the top right corner to change various settings, including which columns to display, and toggle on/off completed items, as seen here:

Group by Due Date and Group by Priority are described in the Grouping section below.

If Due Date or Priority are checked (enabled) those fields will display in the top line for adding an item, as seen here:

...and a preset, default value for those fields can be set that will automatically be placed on new items unless otherwise changed.


With either Group by Due Date or Group by Priority selected, items will be grouped into buckets by date or priority, respectively.   
Groups by Due Date are identified as:
  • Due in the Past
  • Due Today
  • Due Tomorrow
  • Due in the Next 7 Days (when the due date is between 3 and 7 days from today)
  • Due [Month name] and [Year] (buckets will exist for each month where there is a item with a date in that month)
  • No Due Date

Groups by Priority are identified by number (P1, P2, etc.), as well as No Priority for those items without a Priority set.

When Group by Due Date is selected and there are no items with dates, or Group by Priority is selected and there are no items with priorities, no grouping occurs (with the exception of Recently Completed, if Show completed items is enabled).


When Group by Due Date or  Group by Priority is selected, each grouping identified above will automatically sort items in that group based on the item create date (this information is not visible). As an alternative to the automatic sorting, items can also manually be reordered via drag and drop within any (same) bucket. Click and drag can occur anywhere on the item row (which highlights when hovering).

Completed Items

Check a box to the left of an item's name to mark it complete and a green check mark will briefly appear in that box. The item will then be sent to the Recently Completed bucket. If Show completed items is enabled, Recently Completed will show the most recent ten items completed in the last 7 days. If there are more completed items, the View more items link will show the next ten most recently completed items.

Mobile Interface

My Checklist is also available via Workzone's mobile interface (simply using a browser on a mobile device to access the same Workzone URL you use on a desktop). Much of the functionality between the desktop version and the mobile version is the same, though you may notice that some features will not be found on mobile (i.e. dragging and dropping to reorder). Any updates made on either the desktop or mobile interface will immediately reflect on the other; your checklist items will always be in sync.

My Checklist can be found at the top of the main page on the mobile site:

The main Checklist page will display all of the tasks that were previously created. And, if  Show completed items is enabled on the desktop site, those completed items will appear here as well. Just like on the desktop site, items can be marked as complete, or incomplete, by using the checkboxes on the left. New items can be added by using the "+ New" button that appears in the top right:

The Add Item page will allow you to enter any details for a new item; the only required field is the item name. Date and Priority will appear on the Add Item page even if those fields are not enabled as defaults on the desktop view:

You're also able to edit any existing item on the Checklist. Simply tap the name of any item from the main list view to access the item details page:

From here, items can be deleted, or edited. Tapping Edit Item will show a page that looks just like the Add Item page, with all of the existing item details displayed. Update any, or all fields, and save, and your changes will appear on the main list view:

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