Details Trays

For projects, tasks, documents, and requests, Workzone stores comments (including replies) and other details for those items in collapsible "trays", which can be accessed by clicking on an item's name. Each tray contains tabbed sections containing all the item's information, accessible from one place.

Here's a look at what you can expect when using these trays.

General Info

1. Hovering the cursor over this icon, which displays as one symbol for a task:

...and another for a project:

...will show key details such as the % Complete value of the item as well as its dates and duration. It changes color to yellow, red, or green depending on the status of the item.

The collapsible sections with tabs contain all the project or task's information, with a number for its relative items. Below are some key areas of note regarding what can be found in the new layout this details tray provides.


In the Overview tab are a few key areas:

1. Project Details - This collapsible section shows details on a project such as description, dates, and more.
Comments are found on two distinct tabs in the project row tray (tasks only have a single comments view):
2. Project Comments - Only project top-level comments are shown here (those added specifically to the project title row).
3. All Comments - This area displays comments on all tasks, requests or documents contained in the project.
4. The "Add a comment..." box is located at the top, above existing comments.


In the Files tab, documents can be added and interacted with directly. Dragging and dropping files into this area attaches them to the initially selected task or project.

1. Clicking the row or name of an attachment expands to show the comments and versions for that file.

2. Here are clickable status icons representing markup view, versions (which expands the File versions section), and a count of existing comments.

3. This dropdown provides the option to view the file in the Documents module, as well as other collaborative document tools.


In the Requests tab, a project can be linked to an existing request, and all of a linked request's details can be quickly viewed. Clicking on a request's name reveals several tabbed sections.

1. Request Details - This area shows the contents of the submitted request form, such as the requester, date, and questions and answers.

2. Attachments - A number displays here to represent the files attached to the request, and each file can be clicked to download or open.

3. Comments - A number displays here to represent the comments on the request. Comments can be viewed or added to the request here.

Only project rows will show a Requests tab (if Requests are enabled).


In the Time tab, Workzone projects using Time Tracking will show a summary of that data here:

There is also a Time tab for tasks, providing options to view or add time to that selected task, as seen here:

1. New time entries with details such as date and responsible party can be made here, clicking the blue "+ Add" button will confirm and save the entry.

2. Starting the timer sets a timer running at the top of Workzone until the Stop link in the timer has been clicked. The timer will continue counting even if you navigate away from the current page.

3. Pinning a task to a timesheet, as well as additional buttons below for options, such as relocating or deleting a time entry, are found here.


In the Expenses tab, Expense Tracking details for a project are available here, for teams using that feature.

Only project rows will show an Expense tab (if Expense Tracking is enabled).

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