Task Breadcrumb

Workzone uses “breadcrumbs” to show the roadmap to a particular item’s location. This information can provide meaningful context when viewing a task or document, especially in situations where items have similar or identical names, but are located in different places. Below is an example of a breadcrumb in Workzone to better understand the way breadcrumbs are depicted.

Task Details

In the details tray, there is a dedicated line for providing the breadcrumb of a task. Task breadcrumbs showcase the summary task(s) under which they reside. For example, a task's breadcrumb may look like this:

...with the "Technical Requirements" task depicted above, this specific task resides under the summary task "Draft Requirements", and the "Draft Requirements" summary task resides under the "Project Kickoff/Analysis" summary task, so the breadcrumb for "Technical Requirements" is depicted as "Project Kickoff/Analysis > Draft Requirements". Here is what the layout of the "Technical Requirements" task looks like in the main Projects area:

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