Project List Report

This report shows a full list of projects in a sortable report format that can be filtered.

This report only displays project-level information, though task details can be viewed by clicking on the name of any project in the list (except Archived Projects). The Project List can be useful in running reports to see the amount of projects, and other project data, on a series of projects of a certain state, those that took place within a certain time period, and/or those that are assigned to a certain user, for example. 

NOTE: Projects without dates (containing all dateless tasks) will not appear on the Project List report.

By default, all active projects for the selected workspace(s) are shown. To filter for a Project State of Completed, Inactive, Cancelled, or Archived projects, project start or end dates, project responsible or project category, projects with a particular name or number, or even when the project's state was set to Completed, use the Filters button in the top left.

NOTE: The state shown can be key to displaying relevant projects when filtering for the date a project was marked complete.

Click the gear icon in the top right corner to enable/disable optional columns to display. You can check the box for any of the following columns:
  • Number
  • Description
  • Category
  • Actual time/variance
  • Target end date

...and click the Save button to confirm the change.

The contents in the following columns of the Project List can be edited:
  • Project #
  • Description
  • Category
  • Responsible
  • Target End Date
  • State

Selecting a project, by checking the box to the left of its name, will reveal a series of options above the list of projects.

  • Mark Project Complete / Activate Project: Depending on the state filter (as described earlier) applied to the report, one of two options will appear. If active projects are shown, the button Mark Project Complete (change the selected project's state to Completed) appears. If Inactive, Completed, Cancelled, or Archived projects are shown, the button to Activate Project (change the selected project's state to Active) appears. Checking the left checkbox for multiple projects will allow you to change their states simultaneously.
  • Save As Template: Save the selected project as a template to be used when creating new projects. Only one project can be selected at a time to save as a template.
  • Export to MS Project: Download a Microsoft Project file of the selected project to be used outside of Workzone. Only one project can be selected at a time to be exported to MS Project.
  • Delete: One or several projects can be deleted. Once deleted, projects can be restored from the Project Recycle Bin for up to 14 days before they're permanently deleted.
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