Troubleshooting creating/resetting a password

If clicking the “CREATE NEW PASSWORD” button in the Password reset instructions email doesn’t deliver you to the “Create New Password” page, you’ll likely be delivered to your Workzone site’s login page with a banner message displayed at the top:

In situations where enough time has passed, for security reasons, the “CREATE NEW PASSWORD” button will expire (showing “Password reset link not found. Please click “Forgot your password?” below to request a new one.”). In most cases, following the password setup steps from the beginning in a timely fashion should successfully deliver you to the “Create New Password” page.
However, if the Password reset instructions email isn’t arriving, or a banner message such as “This password reset link has been clicked too many times” appears on the first click of the “CREATE NEW PASSWORD” button, there may be other interference taking place. Many email security systems scan emails, such as those from Workzone, effectively “clicking” any link in the email. Since our password links can only be clicked a limited number of times, this scan effectively activates the link, which counts as clicking. In order to help ensure proper delivery of Workzone’s emails to your inbox, you may need to have Workzone added to your email system’s “whitelist”.
If you think your organization may need to whitelist Workzone, ask an IT team member to whitelist the email address It may also be necessary to whitelist Workzone’s email server’s IP address,
If you need any additional detail regarding Workzone for whitelisting purposes, call (610-275-9861) or email (
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