Your Workzone messaging can be comprised of channels. Use channels to hold most of your conversations with multiple team members. They can be organized around anything — departments, projects, or even office locations — and you can create as many as you need. Every channel belongs to a specific workspace.

Channels are open to any user with access to Messages and the related workspace. All messages within a channel are searchable.
To access Channels, start in the Messages module on the far left navigation bar, where you’ll find a section labeled CHANNELS on the left side.
Just below the CHANNELS heading are the names of the most recent (if any) channels you’re included in.

  1. Clicking the CHANNELS heading allows you to browse all channels. You can use the search box that appears, or click on the name of the channel from those listed.
    • Any user can receive notification of any new messages posted in a channel. To subscribe a user to a particular channel, once that channel is selected and displayed, select the three vertical dots (︙) to the right of the channel's name at the top. Select Subscription info.

    • Users can be added with the Me (for yourself) or Other user links that appear, or users can be removed by selecting the x to the right of their name.
  1. Click the plus symbol (⊕) to start a channel. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to select a workspace, then enter a name for the channel and click the Create Channel button.

    • You can then enter a message in the channel and click the Send button.

  1. Unread messages will display with a number to the right of the name of the channel.

When posting in channels, you can directly call the attention of another user by @mentioning them, having any channel messages received display in the Notifications Inbox.

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