Add/Delete Category To Calendar

Calendar events can be assigned to categories, which can then be used to organize or filter tasks into logical groupings (meetings, sales, finance, electrical, mechanical, etc.).

Categories used in the Calendar come from the global categories list for your organization, accessed by Administrators under the settings (gear icon) in the top right for All Workspaces. The Categories page is found on the left side under Global Settings section.

From the Categories page, the Events tab can be used to add or edit event categories. Any existing category will have an Edit link to make changes to the name and color and a Delete link to remove it, while the new categories can be created by filling in the Event Category Name and clicking the color field (optional), then clicking the Create Event Category button.

NOTE: Category colors will only show when viewing the Calendar in a single workspace. When viewing All Workspaces, the designated workspace calendar color will be displayed instead.


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