Add Event To Calendar

Workzone's Calendar has the ability to schedule and notify about events, as is the use case of a typical calendar.

To schedule an event, select the Calendar icon on the left navigation bar. With the calendar displayed, click the Add Event button at the top.

Select the workspace (if currently viewing all workspaces) and enter the event title. Select the start and end date and time. Check the All-day event box to create an event or milestone associated with a certain day, but without specifying a start or end time.

Selecting Add additional details provides more in depth options:

You can create a recurring calendar event by clicking the Repeats dropdown and selecting Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.
There's are two checkboxes under Send Email Link for notifying other users. If you check either (or both) of these, you will select the recipients that you want to receive an email notification or reminder for the calendar event (the same recipients will receive each, if selected). Once selected, the default text for the notification message will appear. You can edit this text if you wish. Workzone automatically sends a blind copy of the e-mail message to you.
If you would like to have an email reminder sent at a specified time prior to the event, click the checkbox next to Send reminder. From the drop-down menu, choose the time prior to the event you would like the reminder sent.
Click Create to save the new event.
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