Activity Logs

The Activity Logs report allows you to track the history of Workzone activity by all users.

Entries to Activity Logs are made automatically. Each entry in the log is an event, and each event has a category. Here is a sampling of event categories for which entries are made:
  • Info (includes editing a comment)
  • (Associate, Client, Partner) Login
  • (Associate, Client) Download
  • (Approval response, Task Notification, Project Notification) E-mailed
  • Logout
  • Upload
  • Delete
  • Modify User
  • Document Comment Posted
  • Event Reminder
  • (Delete, Edit) document
  • Folder restored from recycle bin
  • (Create, Delete, Edit) folder
  • Login as user
For each of these actions, an event is added to the log for that workspace. The report includes the user name, the date and time of the activity, the category, description of the event, and/or the IP address.

Use the Filters button to pick a date range, enter a document, user name, or event description.

Also, entering certain words or phrases in the description field in can show just specific records. For example, "created a new project":

By default, results will show the most recent entries at the top. Change the sort order by clicking the column headers.

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