Tracking Billable Time

When tracking time on tasks in a project, Workzone makes it possible to distinguish some (or all) tasks as being "Billable". This detail is particularly useful when tracking a mix of internal work and work for clients or other external parties. 

Workzone allows any task to be designated as Billable or Not billable via the dedicated BILL column. It is also possible to set a project-default Billable/Not Billable value when creating or editing projects. By default, all new tasks are designated as Billable unless user action is taken otherwise, as described in the sections below.

Billable Tasks in New Projects

During project creation, tasks added to a new project (including those after the project is created) can be designated as billable by the checkbox seen here (the Billable field must be enabled on the Fields: Add Project Page settings):

Billable Tasks in Existing Projects

To change the billable designation for when tasks are added to an existing project, in the main view in the Projects area, click the 3 vertical dots dropdown to the left of the existing project's name, then choose Edit project.

Clicking that option displays a page where you can check or uncheck Billable, then click the Save Changes button. 

When checked, new tasks added to the specified project will automatically be designated as Billable.

NOTE: Billable must be enabled in the Fields: Add Project Page settings to have it appear in the "Edit Project" overlay.

Billable Designation for Existing Tasks

For greater visibility into which tasks are Billable or Not billable, and to make toggling the Billable designation for individual tasks more accessible, an Administrator can enable the BILL column to display in the main Projects view. To display this column, visit the Fields to Display page, then check the Billable checkbox(es) in the Task List and/or Gantt Chart column(s), and click the Save Settings button.

After enabling the column, you can now click for a task's row in the displayed BILL column to designate an "x" if a task is Billable:

Additionally, you can edit and change the Billable field for multiple tasks at once.

Displaying Tasks Designated Billable or Not Billable

Workzone can show just tasks that are set as Billable or Not billable. To display certain billable or not billable tasks in the contents of a time report, select the Filters button, then select the Billable designation you’d like to view and click the Apply Filters button.

The main Projects view can also display tasks with a particular Billable designation by using Filtering.

NOTE: The Billable/Not billable designation for tasks is only visible when Time Tracking is enabled.

Also, as of October 2021, projects no longer have an overall designation as "Billable", with that attribute now being designated on tasks, without changing the use of reports or Workzone's API.

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