To-Do List

The To-Do List shows a list of items that need to be done, organized by date.

Great for the team member focused more on getting work done than managing the project, it answers the question: “What should I be working on right now?” The default view shows a user’s late items and upcoming items for the next seven days.

NOTE: Tasks without dates will not appear on the To-Do List.

The To-Do List can also be set to view items for another team member, User Group, (if User Groups are established in Settings), or to report on all upcoming work, for a single workspace or across all workspaces.
Editing the filtering of this report, from the top Filters button, can better customize the report to your specific needs. The customization of this report also carries over to the emailed version. You can email any view of the To-Do List to another person, even someone without access to Workzone. This can be a great way to let an outsider see a list of their tasks in your project, without giving them access to Workzone (or Projects). Click the envelope button in the top of the screen. Non-Workzone users will not be able to access Workzone via the links in the emailed To-Do List.
For tasks on the To-Do List, the end date, responsible (Administrators and Managers only), status, and notes can be updated by clicking in the respective columns, and the associated project plan will be updated automatically. Contributors and Reviewers (if given access to reports) will be able to see everyone’s to-dos, but will only be able to mark their own tasks as complete. Administrators and Managers can mark any tasks as complete.
Clicking on the name of an item goes to its details tray. Click on the small arrow icon to the right of a task's name to go to that task on the main task list in the Projects area.
If there are attachments on a task, there will be a paper clip icon on the left of that task's row. Click the paper clip to go to the Files tab for the task to access the attachments.
If Time Tracking is enabled, users can add time to their tasks from the To-Do List view. To do so, click in the time column, represented by a clock symbol at top, to the left of the task. Enter the time worked on that task and click Add.
Tasks that are dependent (waiting) on prior tasks before they can be started will have an arrow symbol in the dependency column (to the right of the User column). Place your mouse over the arrow symbol to see the name of the prior task. If the prior task is late, the background behind the arrow will be shaded red. If the prior task has been marked completed, the background behind the arrow will be shaded green. This can be helpful to know whether tasks with dependencies are ready for work.
Outstanding approval requests will also show up on a user’s To-Do List, and can be approved right from the To-Do List. Notes added in the Comments field will be included as a response to the approval response.
Calendar events will be displayed on a user’s To-Do List if the event is notifying the user or was created by the user.
The To-Do List can be set as the welcome page for all users when they log in to Workzone. Administrators can make this change under the settings (gear icon) for All Workspaces in the top right. Under GLOBAL SETTINGS on the left, click Welcome page.
Workzone can send each user (with assigned tasks) an automated daily email the To-Do List. This can be enabled/disabled by an Administrator under Settings. On the left menu, under AUTO NOTIFICATIONS, click Automated reports, and check or uncheck the box next to To-Do List.

WARNING: Workzone will begin sending daily emails to all users (with assigned tasks) starting the day following this setting being enabled. So you may want to wait to enable this if your task dates are not yet firm.

Individual users can also easily access their personal To-Do List by clicking the My To-do List link after clicking their name in the top right of Workzone.
Items that span the set time period (started before today’s date and extend more than 7 days in the future) will show at the bottom of Today’s items, shaded in gray, to indicate that they are ongoing tasks.
A user’s To-Do List can be displayed on an external calendar. Click here for more details.
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