Copy Tasks From A Template

If you have previously saved project templates (see instructions for creating project templates), in the Projects area, these can be used to insert tasks into a new project (via the Add Project button) or to add tasks to an existing project (via the Add Task button, which appears when the left selection box is checked on a project or task row). Once the Use existing template option is selected, to copy all the tasks from an existing template, select the template from the Select Template list. To schedule the tasks forward from a start date, ensure starts on is selected from the drop-down menu and then, to the right, specify the start date for the first task in the template, if you would like a date other than today. To schedule the project backwards from an end date, select ends on from the same drop-down menu and then specify the end date for the last task in the template. To schedule the tasks as dateless. choose no dates from the drop-down.

For regularly occurring projects, like those as frequent as daily or as infrequent as yearly, Workzone can automatically schedule repeating projects at the appropriate time. Repeating projects are built by clicking the Repeats checkbox. Only starts on or ends on selections will provide the option to repeat. Using no dates for the template will not provide the Repeats checkbox. Learn more about scheduling projects to repeat here.

NOTE: Repeating is only an option when creating a new project, not when adding tasks to an existing project.

Click Save and Add Tasks (or Add Tasks if adding to an existing project).
Workzone will automatically copy the tasks from the template you have selected into the specified project. You can then edit any of the tasks to adjust dates, add/delete tasks, etc.
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