Sort Order

Task Order

Tasks with dates in Workzone are automatically sorted by the follow criteria, in this order: 1) end date, 2) start date, 3) priority, 4) alphabetically — regardless of how the tasks are entered. Within a grouping of tasks at the same level, tasks will be sorted first by end date; tasks with the earliest end dates will be at the top. If tasks have the same end date, tasks will then be sorted by start date, with the earlier start dates at the top. If tasks have the same end date and start date, the tasks will then be sorted by priority. If tasks have the same end date, start date, and priority, the tasks will then be sorted alphabetically.

Dateless tasks are displayed and sorted based on the order in which they were initially created, though that order can be easily changed. To reorder tasks that don't have dates (even dateless tasks linked with dependencies), click the double arrow icon (⇅) icon that displays (on hover) to the right of the task's name. Once clicked, the Move Dateless Tasks overlay will display:

...where each dateless task at the same summary level in the project will be shown. In this overlay, drag and drop can be used to reorder the tasks. When ordering is finished, click outside of the overlay, on the "X" icon in the top right, or on the Done button to continue.

Project Order

Projects can be sorted in six ways. The sort methods are: 1) end date, 2) start date, 3) alphabetically, 4) priority, 5) target end date, 6) project number, within a single workspace. To sort projects, select the 3 vertical dots button at the top, then choose the order from the menu that appears:

Dateless projects (those that contain only tasks without dates) appear below dated projects regardless of the project sort option that's applied.

Workspaces are always sorted alphabetically (in the All Workspaces view).
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