Expanding/Collapsing Items

In the List or Gantt view of Projects, click the right triangle (▶︎) next to a project or task to expand that item and show its underlying tasks. Click the down triangle (▼) next to a project or task to collapse its contents.

You can expand/collapse all projects and tasks by clicking Expand or Collapse at the top of the task and project names.
When viewing multiple workspaces, clicking Projects at the top the top of the task and project names will automatically expand each workspace one level to show the list of projects underneath them. This has the same effect as clicking the triangle next to each workspace name.

Additionally, you can control how much spacing displays between each task/project row on the main list view in the Project area. At the top, click the three vertical dots button, then choose between two Display Density options, Comfortable (more spacing) and Compact (less spacing).

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