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From the main List view of the Projects area, click the name of any project (or task) to see that item's details tray. Workzone shows the relevant information for a project in a single place, acting like a digital “job jacket”. This will allow core team members to work exclusively in Projects, without having to switch to other areas (such as Documents, Requests, or Reports).

The details tray has sections, which can be expanded or collapsed with the triangle to the left, to allow for easy access torelated content.
Details: shows summary information about project or task. Time (if Time Tracking is enabled) shows a time summary for this project. Clicking will show the Hours by Project report for the previously selected project. Expenses (if Expense Tracking is enabled) shows an expenses summary for this project. Clicking will show the Expenses by Project report for the previously selected project.
Files: displays the files attached to the selected task. If a project was selected, all the files for that project are located here, whether attached to the project, a task in the project, or directly loaded to the project folder in Documents. This section can show the same content as respective project's folder in Documents.
Upload files, via drag and drop or the Add File button, and download/delete multiple files directly from the Files section. Using the 3 vertical dots drop-down menu to the right of each file on this page allows for collaboration (approvals, image markup, and more) with files right from here, without first going to Documents. The vast majority of document-related functionality in Projects works the same as it does in Documents. However, .zip files attached directly to a task or project will remain zipped. If you would like them unzipped, upload them to the project folder in Documents.
Web links (Google, Workzone, or any URL) can be attached to projects or tasks using the Add File button on the Files page. Links to folders or files in Documents will show a file type of “Internal link” and will show the link icon. Links to external web sites will show a file type of “External link”.
With a project selected, there are two options to show files, "Anywhere in project" or "Only project row". These options toggle between showing a single list of all project-related files, regardless of whether they were attached to the project row, or the tasks within.
Requests (if Requests are enabled): view all project requests that are attached to this project and attach additional project requests to this project.
Comments: a section for discussions or notes about the item.
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