Time Tracking Settings

Time tracking in Workzone provides a means of recording the amount of work (in hours/minutes) users are spending on tasks.

Enable Time Tracking

Time Tracking can be enabled by an Administrator under the settings (gear icon) in the top right for All Workspaces under the GLOBAL section on the Features to display page. Check the box next to Time Tracking in the ENABLED FEATURES column, as seen here:

Once enabled, there are additional settings for Time Tracking that an Administrator can configure in the settings (gear icon) in the top right. Select the Other settings page under the PROJECTS section, as shown below:

Adding Time to Completed/Cancelled Projects

On the Other settings page, if there is a need to prevent adding time to completed or cancelled projects (to avoid time entries on already billed work, for example), this is accomplished by checking the Allow adding time to tasks in Completed or Cancelled projects checkbox.

Prevent Outdated Time Entries

For those with a Professional or Enterprise license of Workzone, you can also specify the last day of the current month that users can add time worked in the previous month. Without this setting, users can enter any date for time worked when they create a new time entry. If this feature is enabled, an Administrator can specify the last day of the current month when users will be able to enter time worked in the previous month.

This feature can benefit organizations that typically bill clients monthly for all of the time worked in previous months. If a user enters time in the past after invoicing has already occurred, it can be problematic.

On the Other settings page, when the box next to Specify the last day of the current month that users can add time worked in the previous month is checked, a prompt to confirm this selection will appear and afterwards, below the newly checked box, the two options of Last day of the current month and Day # of the current month will appear, where # is a dropdown to select between the numbers 1-28. With either of these selected, that specific date will then prevent past time entries from the previous month being successfully added to the system.

For example, if the number 20 is selected from the dropdown to "Day 20 of the current month", when today's date is November 20th (or earlier in the month), time entries can be dated back as early as October 1st. However, if today's date is November 21st, entries cannot be dated earlier than November 1st.

NOTE: For details on upgrading to a Professional or Enterprise license of Workzone, please contact us at help@workzone.com.

Video: Time Tracking Introduction

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