2022 Filters Update

Workzone has added several new filtering features!


New Look

We've redesigned the filters overlay for the Task List and Gantt views in the main Projects area to be more usable and compact. Fields such as category, responsible, and status/state are persistent on the form for both tasks and projects.

Now there are separate boxes for Task Filters and Project Filters, similar to how Advanced Filters were previously displayed. Here is a comparison of the new look and the old look:

  1. Task Responsible is now only a dropdown list named Responsible in the Task Filters section. It contains every responsible party.
  2. Task Status is a dropdown list named Status in the Task Filters section. It has same four selections that were previously available.
  3. Task Start or End Date is now only a dropdown list named Start or End Date in the Task Filters section. It includes all eight options (including the 6 from the previous dropdown).
  4. Project State is now only a dropdown list named State in the Project Filters section with all five previous options.
  5. To Add Advanced Filters you now click the Add Task Filter or Add Project Filter line, respectively.

Filtering for Manually Selected Items

There may be situations when you would like to isolate a specific set of projects or tasks that can’t be viewed using normal filters, since those items don’t have things like name, responsible party, or category in common, for example. By using the new “Filtered Selected” option, you can select any number of projects or lowest-level tasks (either or, not both) to isolate and display them from the rest of the project and task information. Once the filter is applied, the view can be exported as a PDF or Excel file to be shared with stakeholders. 
When one or more lowest-level task or project rows are selected with the left checkbox, you can click the "Filter Selected" button, as seen here:

and receive a result like this:

NOTE: When manual filters are applied, any previous filters will be cleared. You can clear manual filtering by clicking the small "X" icon, highlighted above.

Project Responsibility Inclusion

If you're interested in seeing just projects a user is involved with, either as a responsible party for the project or for a task in the project, including ALL of the project's tasks that are assigned to other users, you can now filter for "User's Projects".

When applied, this filter will display the entire project(s). The only projects that don't appear would be any where the user isn't involved at some level (project/task). In other words, where the user isn't responsible for either the project or any lowest-level task in the project.

Dates Spanning

This new filter shows any project/task that "takes place during" the date/date range entered.

For example, if you create the project filter, Dates spanning between "Feb 1, 2022" and "Feb 28, 2022", the results would show any project/tasks whose start or end date was before/within February and ended within/after February.

Basically, this answers the question, "Which projects/tasks were we working on during this time period?"

NOTE: This filter is limited to values in between two dates.

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