Status by Project

The Status by Project report shows a summary of each active project. It is similar to the projects-level view of the Task List within the Projects module. It can be a valuable tool at a high level to quickly show status symbols and other details across multiple projects simultaneously, making it easier to discern which project(s) may need special attention.

This report organizes projects with the following columns, displayed by default:

  • WORKSPACE / PROJECT - Each active project name is displayed here, subdivided by workspaces (when viewing more than one workspace). Clicking on the name opens the details tray for that project (clicking the share icon, that appears on hovering, will direct to the same project in the main Projects module)
  • STATUS - Yellow and red warning indicators display here when projects are at risk or late, respectively
  • % COMPLETE - This value is directly determined by a project's subtasks and their % Complete, as it relates to each task's work (or duration) value. For more on the calculation, check out % Complete
  • RESPONSIBLE - Project responsible parties are displayed here for each row
  • START DATE - The date the first task in the project is scheduled to begin
  • END DATE - The date the last dated task in the project is scheduled to finish
  • NOTES - Any additional information to communicate to those viewing a project can be added and displayed here

NOTE: Projects without dates (containing all dateless tasks) will not appear on the Status by Project report.

Optional columns to display

There are two additional columns that can be displayed (or hidden) on the Status by Project report. These columns are controlled by clicking the gear icon in the top right. The Columns to display box will appear, as seen below:

You can check the box next to each option to have that column shown (or uncheck to hide) and then click the blue Save button. Here are the specifics on each optional column:

  • Project Category - Displays a project's assigned category, which allows for filtering projects into logical groupings
  • Project Priority - A one through ten value that can be set on a project


Clicking the Filters button at the top provides different options to isolate and only display certain rows, as seen here:

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