Transferring Tasks

Workzone offers a function to quickly and conveniently move tasks from one user's responsibility to another, which can be useful in balancing how much work one user has in comparison to another.

To a task from one user to another, visit the "By responsible party" report under "WORKLOAD" on the left side of the Reports area.

When the top "Timescale" dropdown is set to "Weekly" or "Daily", you can click on the hours for a specific responsibility party (under the respective date column) and Workzone will provide a pop up frame listing the different tasks (along with each task's project and workspace) and, on the right, a drop down to select a different responsible party and a blue "Transfer" button. Selecting a responsible party from the dropdown and clicking the "Transfer" button will remove the current responsible party (that was named in the original row on the main table of this report) and substitute in the selected responsible party for that specific task everywhere it's displayed in Workzone.

Workzone provides a visual confirmation of a successful "reassignment" of a task by removing it from the specific responsible party's list in the displayed frame..

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