Breadcrumbs in Reports

Workzone uses “breadcrumbs” to show the roadmap to a particular item’s location. This information can provide meaningful context when viewing a task or document, especially in situations where items have similar or identical names, but are located in different places. Below are several examples of where breadcrumbs exist in Workzone, with examples to better understand the way breadcrumbs are depicted.

In the To-Do List and Project To-Do List reports there is an option column that can be enabled (using the three vertical lines at the top) for providing the breadcrumb of a task. Task breadcrumbs showcase the summary task(s) under which they reside. For example, in the To-Do List, a task's breadcrumb may look like this:

...with the "Technical Requirements" task depicted above, this specific task resides under the summary task "Draft Requirements", and the "Draft Requirements" summary task resides under the "Project Kickoff/Analysis" summary task, so the breadcrumb for "Technical Requirements" is depicted as "Project Kickoff/Analysis > Draft Requirements". Here is what the layout of the "Technical Requirements" task looks like in the main Projects area:

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