Cross-Project Dependencies

NOTE: Cross-Project Dependencies is an Enterprise level feature of Workzone. For more details on upgrading your team's Workzone license to Enterprise, please contact us at or call 610-275-9861.

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For a general introduction to dependencies in Workzone check out Dependencies/Links Between Tasks.

In instances when one project may rely on a specific task in another project, Workzone provides a way of linking those tasks as dependent, even across projects. For example, a campaign that has several projects in different mediums may first rely on design work being completed in an altogether separate project.

To create a dependency across projects, in the main Projects area, identify the specific task that will follow (succeed) a task in another project (for dated tasks, linking its START date to the END date of that previous task), click in the dependencies column (↳) on the row of the latter task. The dependencies box will open.

Initially, the list of tasks in the current project are displayed. To locate and link to a task in another project, click the Link to a task in another project in this workspace link, as seen here:

After clicking the link, you can select the project from the list of active projects in this workspace:

NOTE: You can type a project name, or even part of its name, to quickly filter the list of projects.

Once the destination project has loaded, locate the task on which the current task should be dependent; click its name and the link between the tasks will be added. Other actions, such as deleting dependencies, can also be performed in this window. Click Done once the necessary adjustments are made.

To ensure Workzone can continue to perform optimally, there are a few limitations in place for linking tasks across projects:
  • Linked projects cannot be moved to a different workspace.
  • Linked projects cannot be locked.
  • Up to five links can be created between any two projects as long as those links all originate from the same project.
  • Collections of linked projects may not exceed five total projects or 500 rows.

NOTE: Cross-project dependencies are removed when copying or exporting projects to Microsoft Project as well as when creating project templates. Templates cannot be linked to other templates with cross-project dependencies.

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