Critical Path

NOTE: Critical Path is an Enterprise level feature of Workzone. For more details on upgrading your team's Workzone license to Enterprise, please contact us at or call 610-275-9861.

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For projects with dependencies and a complex set of tasks, highlighting the critical path (if your Workzone license includes it) can be a useful way of focusing on the tasks that directly impact the project’s end date. To use critical path, from the three vertical dots (︙) button in the top right in the Projects area, select Show critical path.

Workzone will then dim/gray out any tasks that don’t contribute to the end date of the entire project, as seen here:

...leaving in regular text the tasks that, if their dates were adjusted, would manipulate the end date of the entire project. To remove the dimming out effect of displaying critical path, select Hide critical path under the same  (︙)  button, or click the "Disable" link that appears in the blue banner above the table:

NOTE: By their very nature, dateless tasks will never be included in a project's critical path.

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