Notifications and Other Reports

Notify Responsible Of New Task Assignment

By default, when you assign a new task to a responsible party from the add task page (the second selection when adding tasks), Workzone sends an email to that person letting them know about their new task assignment. If you do not want to notify a responsible party for a particular task, uncheck the Send email notification to responsible checkbox at the bottom of that page. An Administrator can have this box be unchecked by default by turning off the When new tasks are assigned on the Add Task page switch (under the TASK RESPONSIBLE column) on the the Event-based notifications page under the AUTO NOTIFICATIONS section in the settings for All Workspaces.

Task Auto Notifications And Reminders

Workzone has a number of automatic notifications that you can enable to remind users when work assigned to them is coming due. To enable automatic notifications of late tasks for a specific workspace, select the workspace from the select workspace dropdown menu in the top left. Click the settings (gear icon) in the top right. On the left menu, under AUTO NOTIFICATIONS, click the Email notifications link. These settings will affect all tasks of all active projects in the selected workspace.
The following notifications can be enabled:
  • When tasks become late
  • Downstream non-summary task responsible parties when non-summary predecessor tasks are marked as complete
  • Downstream non-summary task responsible parties when non-summary predecessor tasks become late
  • 48 hours prior to task start date
  • 48 hours prior to task end date
  • When Projects fields are updated
Notifications can be sent to the users assigned as responsible for the individual tasks within a project, as well as anyone assigned overall responsibility at the project level.

Caution Symbols

Projects can help provide guidance to workspaces, projects and summary tasks that require attention. Yellow or red caution symbols appear in the status (checkmark) column of items that require attention. Click the left triangle next to the title on a row with a caution symbol to expand and drill down to the late task(s) that are causing a summary item to show the caution symbol.
A yellow caution symbol will appear in the status column next to a workspace, project or summary task when one of its subtasks is late, but the item itself (workspace, project or summary task) is not yet late.
A red caution symbol will appear in the status column next to a workspace, project or summary task when that item is itself late. This occurs when the latest task within the item in question is late.

Exporting Projects & Views

Individual projects can be exported to Microsoft Project from the main task list view in the Projects area. Click the 3 vertical dots to the left of that project's name. Click Export to MS Project. Choose the format for your version of Microsoft Project (.mpx or .xml). Click the Start Export button to confirm.
You can also export a project to MS Project from the Project List under Reports.
The Category field will be mapped to the Text 1 field in Microsoft Project. The Description field will be mapped to the Text 2 field in Microsoft Project. Microsoft Project does not display these fields by default, so you will need to add these columns to your project file’s display. This is done under the Insert-Column menu.
The current view in Projects can be exported to Excel. Click the 3 vertical dots button in the top right. Click Export to Excel. The displayed projects and associated tasks will be exported as an Excel spreadsheet. To export all active projects and tasks, make sure that you have removed all filters (from the Filters button at the top).
The Excel file will have individual sheets showing information for Projects, Tasks and Task Comments.


This Workzone setup video provides an overview of the notifications and reports that Workzone can email to users of the site. Additionally, the settings that dictate the sending of these emails are explored.

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