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The top level folder named Projects in the Documents area (which is only seen when Projects is enabled and visible to a specific user-type) can be moved or renamed, like other top-level folders, but it cannot be deleted. Within this folder, a folder for each project is generated automatically. When one of these folders is selected, the Projects icon next to the name at the top takes you directly to that project in the Projects area.

By default, projects in an Active state are shown. Complete, Inactive, and Cancelled projects can be displayed using the Project State dropdown menu at the top of the main section.

NOTE: The project state filter used here is the same as the one used in Projects. Changes made in one location will be reflected in the other.

Projects are listed alphabetically in the left navigation. In the main section, projects are sorted using the same Sort By dropdown menu as found in the Projects area (at the bottom). The default is chronologically, by project end date (for those projects with dateless tasks and no end date, they are sorted by creation date).
Note: The Sort By selection used here is the same as the one used in the Projects area. Changes made in one location will be reflected in the other.
Workzone also creates automatic task folders for any tasks with attachments. These folders contain all items attached to the task and live inside the project folders in Documents and in the Files section for the project in the main Projects area. You can create subfolders inside the automatically generated task folders.
Files can be uploaded, copied or moved directly into the project folder, just as with any folder in Documents. Subfolders can be created inside the project folder. Files attached to the project or tasks in Projects show up in this same project folder, side by side with files uploaded directly to this folder. All collaboration features of Documents (approvals, image markup, versioning, check out/in) are available for files uploaded to project folders.
When a project is marked complete in Projects, the project will automatically be archived (hidden) in Documents (assuming that Project State is filtering for Active projects).
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