Top-Level Folders

Workzone allows you to create as many folders and subfolders as you need to best organize your work. Workzone provides a default set of top-level folders as placeholders available for editing. The top-level folders can be modified by an Administrator, as explained here under Settings.

You can also create your own template for top level folders and subfolders, and reuse this template when you create new workspaces. This feature needs to be enabled by an Administrator in the settings (gear icon) for All Workspaces in Other settings under DOCUMENTS. Click the checkbox next to Inherit Folder Structure.
Select a workspace from the workspaces dropdown menu in the top left of the page. Click the Documents icon at the top. On the left, you’ll be presented with a list of top level folders into which you can place work. Below is a description of each of the default folders and their common use.
Top level folders can be added, renamed, and deleted by hovering the cursor over a top level folder on the left and clicking on the 3 vertical dots ( ︙ ) that appears to the right. Reordering folders is possible using traditional drag and drop functionality.

Sample Folders

Generically named sample folders are designed to be renamed/repurposed by hovering over the folder and using the 3 vertical dots ( ︙ ) that appears to the right. Click Rename from the drop-down menu.

Screening Rooms

Screening rooms allow people outside of the normal working group to view documents and to provide feedback. Screening rooms stay open for a specific duration that you set, creating a sense of urgency to the viewer to provide feedback on a timely basis. To learn more about Screening Rooms, click here.

NOTE: Screening Rooms aren’t visible in Documents until initially established in an individual workspace's settings.

Reviewer Uploads

This folder is for documents that Reviewer users upload, allowing collaboration between them and your team. The Reviewer uploads folder (or whatever name you choose to give it) has special properties that allow Reviewers, Managers and Administrators to collaborate as equals, uploading, editing and deleting anything in the folder. In all other folders, Reviewers cannot upload, edit or delete files.


The Partners section of Workzone allows your business partners to load content into a workspace. Based on how you have set up a specific Partner, the material they post can either be visible directly by the Reviewer, or require your approval prior to Reviewer viewing. The Partners section also allows your company and the Partner to share documents in a way that is not viewable by the Reviewer.
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