Check A Document Out For Editing

If you have multiple users who need to update a document, you can run into a problem if two users are engaged in editing the same document at the same time. A Workzone user can check a document out for editing to visibly indicate to other users that they're editing a specific document. When the user is finished modifying the document, the user can then “check in” the document to remove the warning that it is currently being edited.

To check a document out for editing, in Projects, click the 3 vertical dots ( ︙ ) to the right of a document row in the file list view and then click Check item out in the drop down menu.

Alternatively, from the document details tray, click the Check Out button in the Details section.

Workzone will place an indicator next to the document name in the list view and will make an automatic comment to this effect in the comment list for the document. When the user is finished working on the document (and most likely, replacing the original document), the user can remove the check out by clicking the Check in link next to the document in the Documents list view or as it was checked out.

With the exception of the Reviewer Uploads folder, only users who are able to edit or replace a given document will be able to check it out for editing. Normally this will be Administrators and Managers. Any Administrator or Manager can check a document back in, whether or not the user was the one who checked out the document. Workzone will document which user checked the document back in as an automatic comment created in the comment list for the document. In the Reviewer Uploads folder, all users, regardless of role, have the same ability to check-in/check-out a file.
Checking out a file does not prevent someone from downloading the file and, therefore, making changes to the downloaded file. It does prevent another user from uploading a new version of a file unless it's been checked back in by the original check out user.

NOTE: All document editing takes place externally from Workzone, Check In/Out function is for communication purposes.

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