Approvals Dashboard

The Approvals dashboard for a specific workspace, or combined across ALL WORKSPACES, is viewed in the Reports area under the DOCUMENTS section.

Also located below a workspace's folder list on the left in the Documents area, the APPROVALS dashboard displays those items currently out for approval in the displayed workspace(s). For each outstanding item, the dashboard lists each approver, the status of their response, date of response and any comments.

An approver can use this page to respond to multiple approvals at once. By using the left checkbox to select one or more approval rows (the user performing the action needs to be assigned as the approver), clicking the top Respond button responds to all of the selected approvals identically, all at once.

To show a record of closed approvals or otherwise isolate specific rows to display, click on the Filters button, selecting from the options shown below and clicking the Apply Filters button.

NOTE: If no approval has been initiated in a particular workspace, the dashboard remains hidden when viewing the Documents area for that workspace.

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