Edit Multiple Projects At Once

You can make changes to multiple projects at the same time for the following details:

  • Project State
  • Category
  • Responsible
  • Priority
  • Billable
  • Notes
  • Tags
  • Lock These Projects
From the main Projects area, click the checkboxes to the left of the projects that you would like to update. Click the Edit Multiple button at the top.

On the Edit Multiple Items page, click the checkboxes next to the fields you would like to change and select the new values or desired alterations for these fields.

For Responsible, there is both an Add and Remove field that can be used to place more responsible parties (up to maximum of ten) on the selected item(s) or take responsible parties away. Both fields can be used in the same modifying action if necessary.

At the bottom of the page, click the Modify These Items button.

The indicated changes will be made to all of the selected projects.
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