Setting The Expense Budget For A Project

NOTE: Project Budget must be enabled on the Fields to Display settings page by an Administrator.

For any project, you have the option of adding a budgeted dollar amount for that project. On any existing project (in the main Projects area), click on the 3 vertical dots ( ⠇) to the left of the project's name, then click the Edit project link.

Click the edit link on the Project Budget ($): line.

On the Create Budget page, select the appropriate expense class(es) and amount(s) for the project budget.

If the project was assigned an overall project budget when created, it will show up on this page in the “Unassigned” expense class. You should reassign this amount to the detailed expense classes you have created.

When you save a project template, if the project being saved had budgeted amounts, they will be included when you reuse the project template in the future. A template's budget amount(s) can still be edited on a new project.

On the details tray for the project, you will see the budget for a project, actual expenses to date, and variance. This page is accessed when you click on the title of the project in the main Projects area.

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