Add Tasks To An Existing Project

Add a Single Task into a Project

To quickly add a new task, click the 3 vertical dots to the left of the row you want the new task indented under. Click Add task. You can then enter the name and other details for the new task in each respective column.

Adding Multiple Tasks

Inserting Tasks Between Existing Dependent Tasks

In circumstances where two tasks are linked as dependent, you can insert additional tasks in between them, creating a longer chain of dependent tasks. For example, these two linked tasks...

..can have one or more tasks inserted between them, also linked as dependent. In this example, there are three new placeholder tasks added between, with this result:

In the above example, the newly added row named New task 1 is dependent on Sample Task A, and Sample Task B is dependent on the newly added New task 3 creating a one-after-the-other chain of five tasks, where there were previously two.

Creating tasks in this fashion requires selecting the two tasks (Sample Task A and Sample Task B in the example above) by checking the boxes on the left rows of BOTH tasks, and then clicking the the Add Tasks button that appears at the top left:

You can then enter in the number of additional tasks you'd like to insert (three, in the above example) in the overlay that appears and then click OK:

When using this method, the two original tasks must be subtasks (not summary) and in the same project and summary/indented level, with the first task linked as the predecessor of the second. If these conditions aren't met, you'll see this message appear:

Other Methods for Adding Tasks

Clicking the checkbox to the left of a specific, single project or task row shows the Add Task button in the top left. A new overlay will appear with various options for adding tasks (described below). The new tasks will be indented underneath the task or project row you checked.

The five methods to add tasks are:

Lay out tasks in outline form — this is the default method and the one suggested for most new users

Choose your desired method, provide the indicated information, and then click the Add Tasks button at the bottom of the overlay.
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